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The Endless Road

The Endless Road


She couldn’t see the end
She had been running for long
That she could not even remember what she was running from
She reached the first bend
She took a second to catch her breath
That is when she realized
She hadn’t encountered a single soul
Looking around,
She was back to where she started from

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The room is dark

I can’t see

The air is musty

I can’t breath

The room is small

When I stretch out my hands I can touch the walls

The floor is wet

I can’t sit

My mind is clouded

I can’t think

There is no door

I can’t leave

No window

I can’t escape

I need to call for help

But I can’t make a sound

The walls are so high

I can’t even see the roof

I am trapped!

And the only light I have

Is the hope that somehow

Someone will rescue me.