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Hate can be planted like a seed
Or among good crops grow like a weed
And germinate in to an unquenched need
For one to do a wicked deed

Whether directed to foe or friend
It can turn one in to a fiend
And thus give him no rest on a weekend
Until he gets his revenge

Hate is a word so small
But if it finds its way through your wall
It can make you on your knees crawl
And as a lion out to get its prey, set out on the prowl

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When you reach a certain age in life and you have been through some really hard stuff/experience, it’s quite tempting to just want to survive; to just want to get through the day and waking up the next day and wishing for nothing more.

But that’s living life the wrong way. In fact, it’s not even living, it’s just being alive. To live, you should want more than just being alive. You should want to thrive and not just survive.

There’s a huge difference between those two.

Surviving requires water, food, shelter and waking up every time you sleep. But to thrive, you need much more than that. You need to be smart. In fact, you need to outsmart life!

Here are just a few ways you can do that.

Be unapologetically you!

This is very important.

Don’t try to be like your best friend who always seems to know the right thing to say to people or like that actress who you really admire because she seems to get away with any outfit. Because, we get it, they are awesome, but so are you.

I am not saying that it’s wrong to learn how to talk to people and be great at it or wanting to look good in any outfit. It’s not at all. But if you have tried severally and failed, don’t beat yourself about it. That won’t help. Just embrace your imperfections and find those other things that you are good at and which make you awesome like being a passionate giver or a loyal friend or a great cook.

Embrace your awesomeness and those who matter will too.

Learn to say NO

If you don’t want to go out with your boss but you don’t know how to tell him that, just say NO! You don’t want to lend money to your friend who you know very well, will never pay you back, say NO!

NO excuses, NO lies, NO long painful explanations. Just one BIG firm NO!

There’s such great power in a simple NO.

Take it!

Avoid the post ‘what-ifs’ and ‘I wish I knew’

So, you did something that you shouldn’t have done or said something that really hurt your friend and you are really tempted to play the ‘what if I had not done it’ or ‘I wish I had not said it’ game. One piece of advice, DON’T!

The hard truth about what is done is that it’s already done and there is nothing you can do to change it. But the best thing you can do is not to torture yourself about it, forgive yourself, ask for forgiveness and pick the lesson it gave you. Always take the lesson.

Enjoy your own company

Other than realizing and following your dreams, to me, the ability of being alone and happy is like the height of self-actualizaion.

Don’t get me wrong ,it’s not wrong to crave company.It is quite healthy cause human beings are social animals.But once in a while,it is healthy to go for an evening run alone or ride your bike to wherever you want to alone and enjoy it!

You will find that learning to be alone and happy is self-building and certainly fulfilling.

Find happiness within yourself. It has been there all along and it will always be there.

Don’t be afraid of taking risks

Here I am not talking about gambling with your school fees type of risk. It is more like opening that nail salon that you have dreaming of opening but you are afraid that it might not be successful or dating that guy who you like and who likes you back but you are afraid that you might get hurt.

Chances are that the nail salon business might turn out to be quite a success or it might not or the guy might be the one or not.

The most important thing is you won’t regret not taking the chance and finding out which one of the two possibilities it will be.

After all, one very wise man/woman said that the down payment to any success is risk.

Choose your battles wisely

Know which battles to fight and which ones to stay out of, which ones to win and which ones to lose because as I am sure you have learned in life not all battles are worth fighting and while some of them are worth fighting, not all of them are worth winning.

Before fighting any battle, just ask yourself, is it going to matter five years from now?

Take pleasure in the little things

How sweet of that guy you met today to send you a goodnight message? How thoughtful of your workmate to bring you some salad for lunch?

Be grateful for such things as small as they might seem and you will find that it will be easier for you to appreciate being alive and to love your life.

There’s real, almost tangible happiness in taking pleasure in the small things.

Stay away from negativity

Stay away from people who doubt your ability to succeed, people who always try to bring you down, people who don’t believe in you. They are the ones who are keeping you from succeeding.

Instead be around positive people, those who believe in you.

On top of it, believe in yourself. It’s empowering.

Give! Give! Give!

Sign up for a mentorship program at that local, go play with those little adorable human beings at the orphanage or go dance with the elderly at the care center.Donate books to the community library.

Be the sunshine in people’s lives and you will find out how much joy and blessings it brings in to your own.

Try these and witness the positive changes that take place in your life.All the BEST!

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IMG_20170103_183543 (3)

photo by me.

Those who have read JEN SINCERO’S book ‘YOU ARE A BAD ASS’, know what I mean by ‘Big Snooze’. Those who haven’t, what are you waiting for? GET yourself a copy!

‘Big Snooze’ as Jen Sincero calls it, is that feeling of inadequacy, that person , that not-so-good-past that can’t seem to set you free , that ingrained subconscious  belief of inferiority that is always trying, NO, that has succeeded in  keeping you right where you are no matter how much you struggle to move forward.

We all struggle with it.

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to do something that I have always wanted to do, like learning how to play the guitar or singing only to give up after my trainer tells me to cut my nails till they look like they aren’t there anymore or my brothers laugh at me every time I tried to hit a high note.

My latest struggle has been this very blog!

First,for me to even  master the courage to start this blog, it took quite a lot of COURAGE. And now that I am here ,keeping on publishing requires even more COURAGE.

About two days ago, one of my brothers was taking a look at this website and he flat out told me that unless I make this blog about technology, the economy, politics or general current affairs, I won’t get more followers. 

I can’t say that I wasn’t tempted by his suggestion,Or discouraged by his lack of belief in me.Because I was. I want many followers. More and more likes and comments. Every blogger out there does. They motivate us. They keep us racking our brains for the next AWESOME article to post/publish. And yes! Making this blog a technological, economic or political  news or general current affairs forum might just guarantee me that. But at what cost? At the cost of achieving what I set out to achieve through this blog?

So yeah,  I do have less than 20 followers even after I followed myself and I have only hit a total of 20 likes and 6 comments on all my articles. But that doesn’t mean that I am going to trade my goal, which is finding and exploring my voice through writing, for more hits on the follow button, likes and comments.

No, it doesn’t!

Instead ,it has just  given me multiple reasons to publish more articles. Reasons to keep on keeping on. Because in the long run, I am certain I will achieve what  I desire most; recognition for my creativity.

So Dear not-so-big-anymore old ‘Big Snooze’ this is GOODBYE!You have lost this time, I assure you. So just LET ME GO! For good!