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It’s 11:58 pm. About 32 minutes before lunch and I am feeling drained. So drained and lifeless. I think it is one of those feelings that come with the realization that you turned a year older but you haven’t yet achieved what you hoped you would have achieved by then.
I walked in to the office this morning feeling so energetic and vibrant that when I told one of my colleagues that I had not yet had my breakfast, she could not believe me. But then, from only God knows where, there was a flip, a twist, a mysterious force that burst my bubble and drained me dry.

I ended up on the rocking chair at the corner of the office with the door closed, AC at 5 and with the little energy I got, started typing away at the laptop on my lap while listening to the sound of the birds, on the trees just outside the office window (which I left open by the way because I want to catch the sea breeze) and hoping that after this, I would be feeling much much better.



I am a girl who is in love with reading, writing and anything that involves a pen and paper.

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