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Tall Girls’ Problems

Photo by me

Being tall is good. Strike that! Is great! From rocking long legs in the little black dress and looking absolutely stunning in a maxi dress to ‘long legs advantage’ when running for dear life during campus police party raids. From not struggling to reach for peanut butter (or anything in that case) from the top shelf to not struggling to get attention (whether you want it or not)… just like our legs, the list is very long. But like a coin, any coin, you flip it and you are presented with the other side; the not so glamorous side.

People thinking you are older than you actually are
This is especially true in my village where most people (especially the older generation) equate age with height. Back in class four, my grade teacher asked me how old I was and when I said I was 8 years (and turning nine in two months’ time which is the average age of students in class 4 here in Kenya), he did not believe me and pointedly told the class that I must be 12 years because I was taller than everybody. I have never been so hurt.

Those weird looks that you get when you run
I don’t know if I am the only one who experiences this or gets bothered by it, but whenever I run, I get these weird looks from people as if they have watched ,my huge steps swallow something or maybe heard the ground’s cry for help. I could never tell which is the why.

Acting cute just doesn’t work for us
Short girls are cute when they act cute (and sometimes even when they aren’t trying to), but for us, it mostly ends up being a cry for help. I once tried acting cute in front of some of my male friends, and they were like, what’s up with your face? Well, that put an end to this girl ever acting cute

The constant reminder of how getting a boyfriend is like trying to win a lottery
Personally, this is the most annoying one. Sometime back, I was taking a walk with my friend and most of the guys we met were commending my height (of course they were a mixture of mockeries and genuine comments). Anyway, my friend was like;
Friend X: I really love your height Shah
Me: 😁😊😊😊🙌
Friend X: But the thing is finding a boyfriend is some task
As if I didn’t already know. The worst part is that she is 5’5 dating a 6’1 guy. So unfair 😢

Your single step is 3 times your friends
However much we try taking tiny steps, it just doesn’t work for us. There was this one time I was walking in the hallway of my faculty building and I overheard one of the guys who were walking in the opposite direction discussing how huge my steps are and laughing about it. Guys, I just can’t help it 🤷.

Group Photos
No matter where you stand in a group photo with your short friends, you are gonna look out of place. You stand on one end, it is gonna look like an alien . If you stand in the middle, well it’s gonna look like you are going to crash them all and if you stand at the back, you gonna look like you post your way to the photo. And all these with the constant risk of ending up with no forehead.
A solo photo happens to be the best option here, but if it happen to be taken by your short sister , you my friend, might end up with an unproportioned head-body ratio.

As much as the list of challenges is not that long albeit a little discouraging, don’t fear to rock them huge steps.
Cheers to long legs and a life of being asked to reach for peanut butter or whatever else from the top shelf!



I am a girl who is in love with reading, writing and anything that involves a pen and paper.

17 thoughts on “Tall Girls’ Problems

  1. This is written about you being you, Shalleen? It’s funny and more than cute, but I kinda didn’t see you as bring tall. You write shorter than that. 😀
    Okay, how I have no idea what I’m talking about.

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  2. I’m short and cute, but there were times I would have traded that to be tall and ugly. I had a hard time finding a girl. The world’s a funny place. I have since learned to be content just as I am.

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      1. You are so right. I’ll take short and cute because that’s how God made me. I have many advantages. I can fit in small spaces. One time my parents were locked out of their house. I was the only one who could fit through the window. I can also look into my wife’s eyes. If I was 6 foot, I would never see her!


      1. I was growing at a high rate that I thought I would be taller than this. It must have been hard for you growing up, you know, with the teasing even from teachers and such.


      2. Not much actually. People did make jokes but they weren’t aggressive or mean ones, so not to the point where I felt bad about my height. The general reaction is one of awe and mooostly in a positive way.

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