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Little Richie

My neighbor’s boy Richie, quite an interesting, playful and full of life little fellow he is. He is always running around, screaming with laughter. Boy, he has a hearty laughter and a beautiful toothless smile that is akin to children his age. He is just so adorable.
Yesterday evening, we met while he was going to the shops with his nanny. After several hi-5s and our usual laughter filled chit-chat , just from nowhere, he asked me “uko na katoto?” Translated to English, “Do you have a small baby?” It was a simple yes or no question that caught me completely off guard.
I don’t know what prompted him to ask me that question, but whatever it is, that innocent yet curious look on his face while asking it made my day.



I am a girl who is in love with reading, writing and anything that involves a pen and paper.

8 thoughts on “Little Richie

    1. I tell you… But at least the question he asked could be answered… I wonder what I would do if he ends up throwing me one that I don’t know how to respond to.


      1. My dad, bless his soul, used to make up stories to make me feel good about myself. He told me out of all those babies in a store, I was the one he chose. He also said I was a great singer when I was a kid. I believed him until I was in junior high school and signed up for choir. I didn’t last one day!

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      2. 😂… But don’t you just love him for that? It is so beautiful how parents try to protect our childhood.
        Surprisingly, my mom never made up such stories about babies, though she never told me exactly where they came from. The other women in my life back then did. The story was kind of similar to yours. But since I used to see them going to the hospital to deliver, I knew there was more to the story but I never bothered to ask more questions.
        I had this beautiful big little world of my own that kept my childish mind way too busy to get involved in their business.

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  1. My mom never made up stories either. When I was a kid in the 60’s, there were still advertisements about storks delivering babies, so I never really asked where babies came from. When I got older I saw a book in the school library about our bodies and reproduction. Now that was an eye opener!. I had been so sheltered, that if I were a kid today I would have been behind most other kids. Probably bullied, too, lol

    Isn’t it wonderful to have a creative, inventive mind to keep us busy as children?

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  2. That advertisement must be an interesting one. I am going to YouTube to look for it. And you are absolutely right about the sheltering. It is the cause of a lot of problems we encounter while growing up :bullying and some other problems that the same sheltering was supposed to protect is from.


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