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There is no honor in violence

I hate violence. Violence against women, against children, against human beings and against animals( those who load 400 litres of water on a cart pulled by one donkey and then lash the donkey to move faster all the way to their destination, you are pure evil).
What I witnessed on Sunday irked me to my bones. I saw two guys walking and entering a building which I believe is what we call a video show. A minute later, the guy who was at the front, who is built and strong, threw out the one who was at the back who is not built at all and appeared a little drunk.
The built guy then kicked him and stepped on his neck while the victim was just lying there, not trying to fight back and kept on saying “Go on, step on me, I have contributed a lot to this business.” And shamelessly, he kept on pummelling him while throwing victorious glances at me, probably thinking “oh she is so impressed by me now, seeing how I am totally winning this”. Well, screw you dude! I couldn’t be less impressed. Two or three more guys walked out of the building and pulled the victim to his feet and the built guy started slapping him on the face while again, the victim responded with” I have contributed a lot to this business”.
What angered me the most is that the guys weren’t even trying to help him. Nobody tried to prevent the bully from hitting him. And I just stood there, feeling very bad but unable to do anything cause I might have ended up being his next victim which wouldn’t have helped.
I disrespect violent people. Most of all, I disrespect those who fight against the weak. Those who fight against people who have no chance of winning against them. It is no fair fight. It is bullying. And moreover, there is neither honor nor glory in winning a fight against someone who had no chance of defeating you to begin with.
If you are one of these people, get yourself some class.


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11 thoughts on “There is no honor in violence

  1. Great post. I abhor all acts of violence. The world has gone mad. So much evil. We need to return to God. I know many do not want to hear that. But it’s apparent we are a godless society. Whenever I see someone being abusive to a child or a dog, I literally go ballistics. I cannot walk away and say nothing. Men who beat women or sexually attack them are the lowest. It sickens me that they get off on such acts of violence.

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  2. Some people find violence cool..
    And a way to impress the girls. They think that the girls will feel more safe with them as they can fight.
    Isn’t it corny ??….!!…


    1. It’s worth corny and pathetic. I mean, I don’t see how any girl in their right mind and with a thread of humanity can can be impressed by violence. I just don’t see it.


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