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The old man

Yesterday I saw a man so old

Chewing at a grass

with the look of a mystery unsolved

Probably as he recalled

The smile so infectious and bold

That hid the heart so cold

That left him out in the cold.

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A Shopaholic

Burning with vanity

And a touch of insanity

The high resisting gravity

Or the thought of being hit by sudden poverty.

Drifting in and out of stores

Seeking whatever gives the oohs

Not bothering to keep the scores

Just seeking more and more.

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Little Bird

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Little bird settled on my window sill

Looking for food or time to kill

She pecked around for a deal to seal

I think she would have better luck way way up the hill.

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A feeling

It is pumping fast
Why the hell can’t you go slow?
All my bones screaming NO!
In every passing racing beat,
The loud Nos cease.

Flying hearts
Dangerous heights
Perfect delights
How long will they last?

High up on cloud nine
Be only a matter of time
Before I come crashing down
The blame?
Anyone else’s but mine.

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The air was hanging with fragrance
The fragrance of dalliance
The question of balance
And what qualifies as an imbalance

A velvety touch,
Or was it just a crutch
To the glum dutch
Who little is much

Forgotten presents
OH, nostalgic crescents
Ascents and descents
To the soul, sweet torment.

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I was just going to lie
For a little while

It was too far a cry
And a thousand whys

The lie
The while
The cry
The whys

It was a baptism of fire
A fire in baptism

A lover in a narcissist

A saint in a sinner
A sinner in a saint

A lost soul seeking asylum.

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The Wilding

Rebel“>a href=””>Rebel</a&gt;

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Hers is not the endless nights of partying,
It is more of careful crafting
After endless hours of drafting.

Because she is a rebel,
A wilding by craft.

She always wears a charming smile,
A smile that will leave you breathless for a long while
And fool you in to thinking she is pure from all guile.

Because she is a rebel,
A wilding at heart.

Once a victim of her deceitful charm,
There will be endless Russian roulettes with harm
Ones that you can’t triumph over even by charm

Because she is a rebel,
A wilding my craft.

She loves cautiously,
She loves fiercely,
Receiving her love is like drinking from the Tugela Falls.

Because she is a rebel,
A wilding at heart.

She is the sweetest person I know of,
One I am particularly fond of,
And definitely wary of.

Because she is a rebel,
A wilding by craft.