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It’s 11:58 pm. About 32 minutes before lunch and I am feeling drained. So drained and lifeless. I think it is one of those feelings that come with the realization that you turned a year older but you haven’t yet achieved what you hoped you would have achieved by then.
I walked in to the office this morning feeling so energetic and vibrant that when I told one of my colleagues that I had not yet had my breakfast, she could not believe me. But then, from only God knows where, there was a flip, a twist, a mysterious force that burst my bubble and drained me dry.

I ended up on the rocking chair at the corner of the office with the door closed, AC at 5 and with the little energy I got, started typing away at the laptop on my lap while listening to the sound of the birds, on the trees just outside the office window (which I left open by the way because I want to catch the sea breeze) and hoping that after this, I would be feeling much much better.

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Celebrating my Birthday in ‘Style’.

Today is my birthday. I am turning 23 which is both exciting and scary. Exciting because, well, who wouldn’t be excited to be alive and scary in the sense that turning 23 takes me a step closer to 30 and if we are being truthful, we all are a little scared of getting old.
Setting that aside, when I tell anyone that today is my birthday, the question that pops up is, and quoting, “How will you be celebrating it?” The general assumption is that I will be in some club partying my way in to a crazy headache and the hangover of this ‘birth year’.
After some reflection, I decided to take a different path and celebrate my birthday asking myself the questions no one has asked me. What have I achieved so far? Are they in line with my goals? If not, why? Can I still achieve my goals? How will I do that? Is there anything else I want to achieve? What is it and how will I do it?
I don’t know how you guys celebrated your birthday or how you are planning to do so, but I do hope that this will act as a helpful guide.
As for me, I just hope that I don’t soak my pillow because of the responses to some of these questions.
Happy Birthday to me and everybody who is celebrating their birthday today!

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385H (1)

My mind is clear,
My head feels light
The sensation spreads to my shoulders
and they each,
the right after the left,
fall in to a comfortable position of relaxation.
Then my hands,
one by one,
fall to my sides
and my body
goes ahead
and revel
at the sensual feeling

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Life is journey

Which to some is about money

So empires they seek to build

Even if it means people get killed.

For some it is about love

which they long for

cause they deem it sweeter than honey

and more fulfilling than money.

To the unlucky ones,it is about nothing

cause they don’t know they have to live for something

They end up following the direction the wind blows to

and in the confusion,they get blown too.

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Please, Don’t Promise Me Forever.


Promise me the stars in the sky
And a life with no lies.
Promise to hold my hand
No matter where we land
But please, don’t promise me forever.

Promise to hold me
When I am weak and screaming.
Promise me a successful partnership
Or what others call relationship.
But please, don’t promise me forever.

Promise me marriage
Preferably on a horse carriage
And absolute faithfulness
In a life full of happiness
But please, don’t promise me forever.

Promise me evening walks on the beach
With our dog or bitch
Nibbling at the heels
Of our sand-covered feet
But please, don’t promise me forever.

Promise me we will age together,
And our love won’t falter
No matter what disaster
Comes our way we won’t shatter
So please, just give me forever.



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Sometimes,there are no words,no clever quotes to neatly sum up what has happened that day….sometimes…the day just ends.

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The View From My Window.


avocadotree-e1411365981187The view from my window is not
of waves cascading on the ocean
or of people walking barefoot by the beach
or of little kids runninng after each other
or collecting seas shells by the shore
neither is it of a fancy swimming pool
from a fancy balcony, No it is not!
It is a perfect view of
my neighbour’s rich avocado tree
from my small bedroom window.

In early June,
When the tree is covered by little, creamy-white buddings
She can only be compared to a big, beautiful cauliflower

Then, one develops to a tiny, green oval fruit
and by mid-june
the whole tree is covered by them.

Still, the big miracle is
when I wake up one morning to a view of
a tree whose branches are weighed down
by full grown avocadoes.

Soon afterwards,
What is closely related with ageing happens.
The first one to bud,
The first one to develop
The first one to ripe,
becomes the first one to fall.
And as with the first one,
the others follow suit.
Mostly one, sometimes two,
heck, it even goes up to three a day
until there is only one left
and she goes back to looking like a virgin again
as she awaits her next season.

I have witnessed the beauty of birth,
the rapidity of growth
the sweetness of ageing
and the swiftness of death
all from my small bedroom window.

I love the view from my window.